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"My nutritionist and acupuncturist got me pregnant!"

I know that sounds strange, but it's true - my husband and I were struggling with "unexplained infertility" for 2.5 years. The doctors said everything with our reproductive organs was fine, but couldn't explain why we weren't getting pregnant. We tried all kinds of medical solutions - insemination, in vitro fertilization - and even alternative ones - hypnosis, even a spiritual counselor. Meanwhile, I had been doing weekly acupuncture to balance my emotions, immune system, and general health and well-being... and it was the most fulfilling and rewarding "anchor" during the rough waters of my fertility journey. My acupuncturist, Anne Cabrinha, suggested I meet with Willie to determine if I have food sensitivities that could be causing these unexplained symptoms. I met with Willie and turns out, I had a strong Gluten and Casien (dairy) intolerance. She did a gentle detox with me and I eliminated foods that I was sensitive to and drum roll please... all symptoms went away and I was a new person. My friends and family noticed the difference too - complimenting how radiant my skin looked and how full or energy I was. And I became pregnant! The hypothesis: my system had suffered from chronic inflammation caused by an inability to properly digest Gluten and Dairy - probably since I was a little girl - and once we removed the inflammation-causing foods and healed my gut with special supplements, my system worked properly again. No more fatigue. No more constipation. No more infertility. I have sent my friends, family, and clients to Willie and Anne. They are so professional, knowledgeable, and resourceful. They will leave "no stone unturned" and help you solve your health issues. Willie will work with your doctor, acupuncturist, and any other service provider that seems appropriate in the path to wellness. I am so grateful for Essentials for Health and Balance Restored" -Julie, Marin

I spent over $5000 with a doctor with no results - Then I meet Willie

My journey started 3 years before I met Willie. I started looking for a natural way to get off of anti-depressants because I wanted to have children, and I didn’t want to be taking anti-depressants unless absolutely necessary. I found a practitioner who started to review foods with me. I liked her approach because we were addressing what was going into my body instead of addressing symptoms and putting a band-aid on them with prescription drugs or supplements like is common place in our society. Simply put, we were being proactive instead of reactive. With this practitioner, I changed my diet and went gluten and dairy free. That change alone enabled me to get off anti-depressants. But I was still taking 15 supplements. I felt overwhelmed by all the pills and they filled a shopping bag. I also didn’t feel like that practitioner really cared about me.

Then I worked with a D.O for 6 months, who I was referred to from the first natural practice I used. He was expensive, but I thought he would be worth it. I spent $5000 in 6 months, and in the end, all I got was more supplements to add to my shopping bag.

I finally went to see Willie and walked into her office with my large shopping bag of supplements. Although I had gone gluten and dairy free with another practitioner, I was only following the diet half the time. Willie helped me understand why this was an important change and what I would get out of doing this. Anyone who has made those diet changes knows it takes dedication to eat a gluten and dairy free diet. After being on Willie’s program for 6 months, I felt great, and I saw the physical changes in my body and clarity in my face. I feel and look younger. Willie is very knowledgeable and is great at passing along that knowledge. In a relatively short time and for a fee that was reasonable, I started on a maintenance plan and was able to dump most of the supplements. Willie really cares about her clients and I am grateful to have found her. Here’s the best part of my story. Before I met my husband, I went to a fertility doctor to see if I should freeze some eggs. I was 39 at the time. After some testing, he told me I was not a candidate. Not only was I not a candidate for freezing eggs, but due to my “advanced maternal age,” he said the chances of my having a child naturally or with in vitro was very low. He suggested when the time was right to get an egg donor. After I got married, this information was confirmed by another fertility doctor 4 years later. He gave us a 5% chance success with in vitro. I didn’t even ask what the chances would be naturally, and my husband and I quit trying to get pregnant. We decided to get an egg donor in 2010. Consequently, I was really surprised when I got a positive pregnancy test late last year. I didn’t believe it, and went to the store to buy another kit and happily got the same result. I’m almost 5 months into the pregnancy and although I’m tired, I’ve not had any morning sickness. Everyone asks how I got pregnant at age 43, and the only thing I can contribute this to is my work with Willie, and the 6 months of acupuncture I had (thank you Susan Fox).

I wish I could have everyone I care for go through this program. Like all things worth doing, it takes dedication. I will continue my maintenance program with Willie for years to come.

San Diego

Eating Healthy and Losing Weight

"I've been working with Willie for a year now. So far, I've lost 38 pounds; gone from a size 14 to a size 6 pant and, most importantly, the rash I've had intermittently for 7 years has fully disappeared! With persistence and determination, I've modified my diet to become gluten free (which I never thought I could do). Following Willie's program and advice, we've worked together to create an easy life-long plan. I couldn't have done it without her!"

~ T.R., Novato

Symptoms: HIVES & WELTS.

For 8 months, I suffered from hives & welts all the while medicating myself with Zyrtec to bring some itchy relief from the symptoms. After months of doing so, I began to notice side effects of low energy, low immune system, irregular periods, and depression. Luckily, I was introduced to Willie Victor who was familiar and had tremendous knowledge with the symptoms I was experiencing. While Willie already knew this was going to be allergy related issue, she recommended that I undergo a specific food sensitivity blood test to further define the specific foods that are triggering inflammation inside my body. Once the test came back, Willie formulated a detox program and within 5 weeks, my hives & welts miraculously disappeared.

I cannot speak enough about Willie Victor. She worked with me one-on-one for 4 months until she was sure that I was well on my way to eating right. Her expertise with nutrition and mentorship has transformed the way how I approach food and lifestyle. A matter of fact, I don’t think this process would’ve been as pleasant and fun if it hadn’t been for her guiding me through. Willie, I’m blessed to have you in my life!

Berkeley, CA

A child with constipation and gut pain…

This 11 year old boy didn't want to go to school any more. His fear was that all his friends would laugh at him if they heard his painful cries as he tried to have a bowel movement. This young man had a painful movement once every five days. He was depressed, no longer involved in sports and doing poorly in school. He had endoscopies, colonoscopies and MRI’s to diagnose his problem, only to find a slight inflammation in his esophagus. The doctor had mentioned a possible diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease.

We tested this young man for foods that may be irritating the gut and found that he had severe food allergies. After two weeks of removing the allergenic foods, this young man’s bowel movements returned to normal. Several months later, he is happily back to school with a 3.8 grade point average, enjoying his friends and involved in sports.

Off to college and a huge weight gain the first two years…

This 20 year old woman is 5 feet 7 inches and weighed 175lbs. Those first years at college can be a combination of stress, too many parties, and lots of junk food. Weight gain was the concern of this young coed, but my suspicions were that she also had a gut inbalance. We started a food program and in 6 weeks her GI problems were better, her weight was down by 18 lbs, 14 lbs were fat loss. She was 2 pant sizes smaller and feeling great. We toured the college campus together and planned for her return to school. She has followed the program and continued to lose weight, while still having some college fun!

Saving toes!

A diabetic with ulcers on every toe…scary! He also had cellulites on his legs resulting in multiple hospital visits. Not the way you want to spend the Golden Years! We made a major change in diet and removal of inflammatory foods. It took time and patience. The good news is that all toes were saved except one, but those remaining toes are healed and healthy. The cellulites has not been a repeated problem and his weight is down by 35lbs. The doctor who was ready to “fire” his patient is now happy with the glucose, cholesterol numbers and the weight loss. He decided to keep his patient. The client just returned from Italy. His fear of traveling in a foreign country and getting an infection is gone. Back to the “Golden Years”, enjoying life and good food…the right food!

Sick toddler to a healthy and thriving little boy!

"At 11 months, my son had a bloated belly, sporadic and foul smelling bowel movements, Asthmatic episodes, dark circles under his eyes and a cranky disposition - needless to say, Luke wasn't healthy... but yet the doctors didn't think he was "sick". I was frustrated, confused and scared... then I found Willie!

Through her guidance and extensive knowledge about nutrition, Willie turned Luke from a sick toddler to a healthy and thriving little boy. Our relationship has spaned over a hectic 3 years; a cronicly sick toddler, pregnancy with son #2 and one Celiac Disease diagnosis later. She has held our hand every step of the way. We couldn't have gotten healthy (and happy!) without Willie's help! - Kimberly Gorski

We live in Pennsylvania and had to cross the country to find help!

Willie is our medical angel. She has opened up so many doors for my two children. My daughter, age 4, has suffered with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, severe constipation, and food allergies since birth. On a limited diet of only 9 foods and an elemental formula. She always thrived, however had constant abdominal pain. We went from doctor to doctor, trying many different options, with little or no success. Willie consulted with us many times and offered different advice, never leaving a stone unturned. She persevered and helped us to vary her limited foods, avoid household products that included gluten, and to know the triggers that were a problem for my daughter. My happy child now uses the bathroom regularly, appears stronger and is overall in better spirits every day. At the same time, my 3 year old son, had suffered with chronic seasonal allergies, eczema & asthma. Even though the conventional testing did not support food allergies,I knew from experience, that something was wrong. Willie recommended further testing, avoidance of many foods (corn, gluten, dairy) and in an incredibly short time, my son's health changed significantly. He is calm, gaining weight, more talkative, no longer snores and has much more time to have fun.

In conclusion, we always count our blessings that we have been able to work with Willie and her assistant Michele. The Essentials for Health practice is a gift to anyone who uses them. They have helped us to create a better diet routine for our children. Thank you Willie!

Tina, in Pennsylvania