Willie Victor

I adopted the philosophy of Hippocrates who said, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food". As Hippocrates believed, I also believe that one man's food is another man's poison. My mission is based on one simple philosophy, "If you heal the gut, 95% of the issues will go away". Finding food related issues is an important part of gut healing. There should be no need for bags full of supplements if the body is absorbing nutrients properly.

I was very sick as a child and spent about 1 1/2 years in the hospital. My personal health issues turned out to be diet-related and have definitely been a catalyst for me wanting to help others with their pain and symptoms.

After working 30 years in hospitals in acute care as a Licensed Respiratory Care Practitioner, I decided to change careers and work in preventative medicine as a Certified Nutrition Consultant.

I earned an AS degree in Respiratory Therapy and later completed a two-year certified program in science-based holistic nutrition. I've completed numerous CEU programs in nutrition, including Mastering Blood Chemistry, Mastering Thyroid, Mastering Functional Endocrinology, Mastering Brain Chemistry and numerous courses on autoimmunity and its relationship to food and nutrition. In 1990, I partnered with an endocrinologist in Sacramento and owned Healthy Image, a medically supervised food program. We worked with weight loss and addressed, in some cases, severe obesity.

Individual Food Programs to Solve Each Client's Health Problems

I work with each client as an individual and do not use a "box diet". I think outside of the normal approaches to solving their health problems with my natural curiosity and detective work, continuous education and professional training. I work with infants to elderly clients, from the Bay Area to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Europe, and across America.

To solve each client's problems, I take a scientific and statistical approach. It starts with an initial interview, running a blood panel to "look under the hood" at what's really going on and determining where potential food sensitivities may apply.

The result is being able to design an individual food program for each client.

I attempt to integrate allopathic and functional medicine. In addition, I am able to work very closely with physicians because of the decades I worked in hospitals as a Licensed Respiratory Care Practitioner.