Alternatives to the Flu Shot

By: Willie Victor

Many clients ask me if they should take a flu shot. I cannot tell a client if it is right for them to take the shot or to avoid it, but I can help to educate them so that they will consider if it is safe for them.

Things to consider:

  • Are you ill at the time of taking the injection; can your immune system handle the insult? I never recommend that flu shots be given if someone is fighting a cold or flu.
  • Consider taking a flu shot if you have autoimmune disease and are in a flare up?
  • Consider taking a flu shot if you have ever reacted to a vaccine, flu or pneumonia shot?
  • Consider taking a flu shot if you have autoimmune disease in your family?

Alternatives to protect against the Flu and viruses:

  • Acupuncture to the immune points on the body every month during the flu season. This has been proven to increase the immune response by 40% to all viruses. The flu shot is designed to fight certain strains and during the season those strains can mutate. The flu shot then may not fight against those strains that have developed.
  • Use the Cold protocol. This is a protocol I designed when I worked in Pediatrics with children and infants so that I could fight against the constant exposure to bacteria and viruses.

Adult dosage:

  1. Take Vitamin C 1000 mg every 2 hours on the first day of the first sign of symptoms or exposure to colds and flu. Day two and until cold is gone, use 1000 mg of Vitamin C 3-4 times daily until cold is gone
  2. Take 100 mg of zinc in divided doses everyday for 5 days
  3. Take 15,000 IU's of Vitamin A three times daily for 5 days
  4. If cold has developed, use Allimax drops (allicin, the antibiotic in garlic) in ears (one drop in each); 10 drops of Allimax in Neti Pot and rinse nasal passages twice daily; drop 1-2 drops on tongue at back of throat if cold is in throat or chest. Allimax can be used until cold is gone. Always take the protocol at the first sign of a cold or flu; if you wait until you will get the cold, you will have to ride it out for 7-10 days. The protocol may reduce the symptoms.

Dosages for infants and children are available from the clinic. The products are also available. We have Vitamin C powder with no sugar (but it tastes good)

  • Homeopathic flu formulas are also available at the clinic and are used once a month or when the flu or cold appear.
  • Wash your hands frequently; do not shake hands during cold and flu season; do a "fist bump"!
  • When you cough, make sure you use your elbow to decrease the spread of your germs.
  • Use a hand sanitizer if someone you are in contact has the flu or a cold, but do not over use. Some exposure to bacteria and viruses is important to BUILD immunity.
  • Reduce sugar; it inhibits your immune system to build T-cells
  • Get plenty of rest and sleep 8 hours a night.

There are alternatives if you feel uncomfortable having the flu or pneumonia shot. If you decide to take the shots, make sure you are in a healthy state.