You Have Any Kind of Food Sensitivity, My Nutrition Services Will Help

At Essentials for Health, I focus on healing your gut. I start by taking a personal health history and finding out not just what you eat, but how you eat and when you eat and the effects of food.

Through a series of detailed questions, I find out if you have ever had sensitivities to certain types of foods. Sensitivities can begin at any age for a variety of reasons and can go away or progress into adulthood.

Most clients come to me because they have exhausted their Western medical options. Some can't lower their cholesterol or blood sugars without medication or control the symptoms of their autoimmune disease. Some have weight issues. Others know they should eat more healthy but can't because they've become addicted to food, sugar or carbohydrates.

What My Certified Nutrition Consultant Service Address

  • Autoimmune disease; to decrease symptoms and possibly decrease medication
  • Gluten intolerance, food allergies and sensitivities
  • Diabetes and diabetic-related disease; learning to control blood sugars and to use as little medication as possible (including insulin)
  • Celiac disease and symptoms
  • Fertility issues
  • Pain, including migraines, fibromyalgia and joints
  • Thyroid problems
  • Children with special needs, learning disabilities, and nutritional related problems with balance of brain chemistry
  • Autism
  • Cancer support, especially during and post chemotherapy
  • SIBO (small intestine bowel overgrowth)
  • Chronic urinary tract infections
  • Adults and children with allergies and asthma
  • Adults and children with gastrointestinal health problems
  • High cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart-related problems
  • Adult and child obesity and weight management
  • Adults and children with sleep issues

You Deserve an Experienced Certified Nutritionist

I will help you heal by eliminating foods that may be causing inflammation due to sensitivities. I find the best food for the individual for optimum body performance. A healthy food is not healthy if it's not healthy for you. I've had nutrition and digestive problems and learned a great deal from my own healing process, spending many hours researching diet programs. I'm here to serve my clients, guide them not just in nutrition, but also to introduce them to other health care professionals who may assist in their care. I will support clients through the tough times and cheer them on to the next success. I offer a safe, nurturing, confidential place to talk about issues and determine how to help each client.

From One to Many Issues, Let Me Help You


One client had a complex situation with overlapping autoimmune diseases. She wanted to get pregnant, which seemed impossible. I didn't look at her specific autoimmune diseases, but addressed her symptoms, supported and balanced her immune system and decreased inflammation by healing the gut. Months after dietary changes, she became pregnant and has a beautiful baby girl.


Another client was taking anti-depressants. She was searching for a natural way to wean off of them. She wanted to become pregnant and was told she needed an egg donor due to her age and the fact that her ovarian reserves were low. She worked with an alternative practit ioner who replaced the anti-depressants with many supplements, but her diet was not changed. She spent over $5,000 in tests from another doctor, only to be prescribed even more supplements. I designed a personalized diet to reduce inflammation, eliminated most of the supplements, and she eventually became pregnant at 43.Today, she is a mother of a beautiful baby girl.


Most clients suffer from fatigue. A client diagnosed with chronic fatigue was seeing doctors at a Chronic Fatigue Clinic at a major university health center. Chronic fatigue may be caused by a series of several issues such as sleep issues or sleep apnea, food allergies, thyroid, diabetes, and more. You may not think these are diet-related but are often the cause. We adjusted diet, eating habits, and thyroid medication and in a few months the symptoms of chronic fatigue had dissipated.

Multiple Sclerosis

MS is a debilitating disease. My client loved to show and ride her horse. Many of her horse shows were hours from home. The drive would put her in a fatigued state which made going to horse shows almost impossible. Today, with dietary and lifestyle changes, she is able to drive long distances, show her horse and manage her fatigue. She is also now medication-free. Her MD was so impressed with her success that the neurologist, myself and a team of practitioners have done a retreat together to show the possibilities of slowing down progress of the disease through alternative care.


Asthma can be life threatening. My client had been on Prednisone for over two years. Her doctors were advising her to have a Bronchial Thermoplasty, a very invasive procedure. Our journey started with a major change in diet and treating her asthma as an autoimmune disease. She was weaned from her Prednisone and went 370 days without it.


Young college student was suffering with severe symptoms from Crohn's disease. He was having 12-18 bowel movements daily and could not be seconds away from a bathroom. His doctors were suggesting many immune suppressant medications. He left college because his symptoms were so severe. After many dietary changes, he became symptom-free, and with limited medication, he was able to return and complete college and have a normal life.


This child's mom had a lot of inflammation during pregnancy and an overactive immune system. The child was put on antibiotics immediately after his C-section birth and several times for Strep. He was born with autism and later found to have Precocious Puberty. Changing his diet modified his behavior and enhanced his learning skills in just a few months. When he would get a cold, it would take weeks to normalize his behavior. Our goal was to strengthen his immune system and reduce his colds, which we did, and this has improved his mood and calmed his outbursts.

Childhood Fever

This child was diagnosed with PFAPA, high (102 to 104 degrees) episodic fevers that occurred every 5 weeks. There is no known cause or specific treatment. This child was given antibiotics and prednisone to regulate. I decided to treat the PFAPA as though it was an autoimmune disease. I changed the diet dramatically, supported her immune system and the fevers decreased in frequency with an improvement in mood and energy.


You can rely on my experience and vast expertise to help you, too.

My program is based on nutrition and medical education. If you follow my recommendations, my goal is that you will wake up one morning and feel you have "turned the corner". It may take two weeks or several months, but I can help you heal your gut and in most cases, I can help make the majority of your symptoms reduce or go away.

Give me a call and request your complimentary, no obligation consultation.