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Breast Cancer and the Relationship to Dry Cleaning Chemicals 

Think of all the women you know and love, one in eight of those women will get breast cancer today as compared to one in twenty a generation ago. We think of breast cancer as a disease that only affect women but that's not true, men can also develop breast cancer.


A study of 1350 women ranging from ages 35 to 75 were followed and the women with more income and education actually had an increase in breast cancer compared to those with lower income and less education.


Women who were exposed to petroleum products before the age of 30 and through their 40's tripled their risk of breast cancer. Some of the solvents used in the dry cleaning process are petroleum based. The chemicals can mimic estrogens which can increase the risk of breast cancer. You can not smell these chemicals after they have vaporized but people who live above dry cleaning facilities have these chemicals in their blood, urine and breast milk.


As a women age her breast tissue changes to 80% fat. Fatty tissue absorbs more carcinogenic chemicals. These carcinogens are fat soluble and make cells in the breast tissue more likely to form tumors. The petroleum chemicals actually change the DNA structure in the breast cells. These chemicals are also responsible for turning on autoimmune diseases like MS, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia just to name a few.


Babies and children can pick up these chemicals through their parents clothing and it may even cause severe heath reactions. I recommend that all my clients have their clothes dry cleaned at Pacific Heights Cleaners, recipients of the Zero Breast Cancer Award. They are leaders in there industry and eliminating the use of harmful chemicals b replacing them with safe products that produce excellent results.


Willie Victor, Nutrition Consultant

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