You don't have to be a kid to read labels, but it might help. 
Learning how to read labels at the grocery store can be
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Jamie Oliver's
Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver is a chef on a mission to provide healthy lunches to school children. It’s called “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” and you can watch it on Friday nights at 9pm on ABC. I may not believe in everything Jamie does, but he is on the right track.

Message from Jamie:

The American Food Revolution needs to start now! If you care about your country and the health of its children please help us make a difference. We need your support to get people back in touch with food and keep cooking skills alive before it's too late. We want to make sure every kid gets good, fresh food at school. It's proven that real food promotes more effective learning. If you want better health for your kids, the junk food must go!

America's health needs you!